Basic dining etiquette to follow in your daily life

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Having a meal is the best time of our day and everyone likes to enjoy it. But there are some boundaries that we must maintain so that not only you but everyone on the table can have a good time. We do not realize but sometimes little things like cross-talking while eating or making too much noise while using a spoon can annoy other people. Therefore, let’s know about some basic table manners and rules that you must know about to make your dining experience better.

The must-do list to keep in mind while having dinner:

  1. Before coming to the table, wash your hands and face. It is not only a basic table manner but also for maintaining hygiene standards.
  2. Pull your chair out without making a sound. Also be careful that when you sit, you do not disturb the arrangement of the table.
  3. Offer to help. It is a good practice that you be a helping hand to others and serve food to others. It is the best practice to follow.
  4.  When serving yourself food, make sure that you use clean hands. Remember that others also must use the same utensil and they won’t be comfortable with using the unclean one.
  5. Sip water slowly. Refrain from gulping a full glass of water at once. It not only looks bad but also affects your health.

Things that you should avoid when having food on the table:

  1. Do not start eating as soon as you are served. Wait for others to be seated and get their food served and then enjoy having a meal together like a happy family.
  2. Do not talk while eating and eat with your mouth closed. You have heard that many times, but it is high time that you start practicing it. Also, take small bites and chew properly so that you do not find it difficult to swallow them. 
  3. Do not pass over the food over other’s plates. If you do this, you will not only annoy others but there are also huge chances that the food might fall off your plate. 
  4. Do not make noise with utensils while eating. Be a little cautious that your spoon does not make a sound and does not fall off your hand. 
  5. Refrain from using electronic devices when having a meal on the table or anywhere else. It is not a good habit to stick to a mobile screen while having food at the same time. 

So, these were some basic table manners that are very easy to remember and if followed correctly, will soon become your habit. By keeping up these etiquettes, you will surely have quality time with your family.

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