Know everything about Interpersonal skills

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What are interpersonal skills?

It is a popular belief that Interpersonal skills are all about communicating and interacting with other people. But it is a lot more than that. Interpersonal skills are actually how a person can manage and control his emotion, channel it in the right direction and come up with a good response that not only sounds good but also is cordial and helps you strengthen your relationship with others.


Interpersonal skills are more about handling your emotions and interacting with people accordingly. If one learns the trick of understanding their emotions and channelizing them properly, the chances of succeeding in life increase immensely. 

So now we know the root of social skills, let us further understand the branches of these social skills and their details:


Brush up your Communication skills

The art of conversation is very important to know how to interact with family, friends, and other people. It is said that communication is a two-way street where you not only speak but also listen and the latter is a very important part. It is more about listening and considering other people’s opinions. People often confuse listening to just hearing what others are saying and wait impatiently for them to stop so that they can pitch in their viewpoint. Does this remind you of someone? If yes then you are not alone. Therefore, we all must learn to become active listeners. Maybe the person has some important piece of information and even if not, give them respect to share their opinion. This will help you inculcate really good human qualities in yourself and people will value you. The other two important aspects of communication are verbal and non-verbal conversational skills. We will discuss more of these in our upcoming blogs.


The best work is the work done by a team

Great work requires many people’s minds. And for that, they must work in sync and towards a collective goal. But when you work with so many people you need to coordinate and deal with them. You need to be more patient. This is also a great way to work on your leadership skills. For instance, in a group, when you feel that someone is being left out or ignored, take a charge to involve that person by taking an initiative. Make sure that you are nice as well as honest at the same time. Learn ways to be truthful and not lose your cool and make others comfortable.


Resolving conflicts and disagreements 

We tend to become negative as soon as we hear the word conflict, the reason is that we have misconstrued the emotion. It is very much okay to have conflicts and disagreements. Moreover, it is a part and parcel of life. The real question is how to react positively towards them. One way is to lose the cool and another way is to listen carefully, compose your response, and then react. There are also greater chances that the person would refuse to listen but then we need to remember that we can control our emotions, not others. Just conduct yourself gracefully in the situation as we all are answerable to ourselves and our dear ones not others.


Negotiation skills to find the middle ground

These traits are important for better results. You can not always let go of the situation and take things as they are. Excellent negotiation skills can help you not only resolve issues but also get the outcome in your favor. It involves finding your strengths and working on them, thereby finding a common ground. The better you can communicate nicely your points to others, the easier it will be to persuade the person.

In our upcoming blogs, we will try to understand these skills in-depth and learn some ways and various activities to follow so that you inculcate these skills and become a better version of yourself.

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